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We use Cloud Technology to provide inexpensive and efficient solutions to operational challenges faced by State and Local Governments. Using Cloud, we reduce the Infrastructure Footprint in townships - so, No Databases, No Maintenance, Low Infrastructure and Lots of Mobility to Employees and Residents.

How Mobile & Cloud Help Townships (sample use cases)

Current Process With Mobile and Cloud
Devices Used Desktops using LAN, Text, Word/XL/PDF documents iPad, Android devices and Desktops; Township Website Integrated with Residents Database
Permits Issuance Mostly Manual. Homeowner files Permits in Paper, DOC or PDF docs. Duplicate Data Entry; wastes inspectors and townships resources. Automated. Applied online and data filed into residents database. Permits can be generated quickly.
Home Inspections Duplicate data entry. Inspector writes the inspection in he fields and renters information when back in office Enters information only once in Mobile Device. Power of Mobility and no double data entry
Resident Complaints Receive By Phone, By Email and Mail. Hard to list by Homeowner. Receive through Website. Easy to list by Homeowner
Code Enforcements Cumbersome Process. Mostly not done due to unavailability of time and resources Triggers can be created to automate the checking process and alert the inspectors
Maintenance Lots of System Adminsitration, no Scalability, Manual backups and/or expensive external contractors Online hassle free backups & administration with Scalability as needed

How Mobile & Cloud Help County (sample use cases)

Program Benefits
Farmers Markets Mobile Devices Help local farmers markets attract more visitors. Spending money buying Farmers Markets Products is Green and Good for the local economy. For more information please check Iowa Farmers Market App
Mobile Apps Help Women, Infant & Children Program (WIC) A mobile app accessing the WIC Program website would help in more widespead and effective usage of this Federal Grant.
Radius Based Searches and Medical Programs Making a mobile app would provide location information about the closet medical store or medical item's availability to the needy public.