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Apart from providing cutting edge distributed .NET Web Applications, we also use Cloud Technology to provide inexpensive and efficient solutions to operational challenges faced by the Federal Government. Using Cloud, we can reduce the Infrastructure Footprint - so, No Databases, No Maintenance, Low Infrastructure and Lots of Mobility to Employees and Residents.

Given the nature of sensitivity of Federal Applications, the applications best suited are

  • Public Facing
  • Publicly Available Data
  • Read Only
  • Quick Dissemination of Security or Medical Information to Public
  • Listening to Public Chatter

How Mobile & Cloud Help Federal (sample use cases)

Program Benefits
Boston Bombings Using tools such as Radian6 public chatter can not only be analysed but also can be used for prediction purposes. In addition, information can also be spead to public in a quick way targeting the Youth and Computer savvy population.
Knowledge Bases, Vendor Feedback and Complaint etc Non classified but important information such as these can be safely moved to the cloud.
Radius Based Searches and Medical Programs Making a mobile app would provide location information about the nearest medical store or medical item's availability to the needy public.

Capability Statement

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